Daily shows, complex entertainment shows, exciting quiz and game formats as well as investigative, informative magazines are produced at nobeo’s seven studios over a total studio area of more than 5,300 square metres. Producers and broadcasters rely on the ideal studio equipment and the masterful expertise of the nobeo team during the whole production process. The directly adjacent production offices, make-up, wardrobe, and guest rooms, the viewer’s lounges as well as the direct connection to the nobeo post production unit allow an absolutely efficient workflow.

  • Studio 1
    • Studio 1 divisible by curtains (2x 522 square metres)
    • two large rolling gates
    • Access to HD control room/gallery 1 or 6
    • Foyer (300 square metres) with with ample toilets, cloakrooms etc.
    • More than 13 break-out, guest rooms and production offices in the building
    • two make-up rooms + additional mobile make-up facilities
    • Extensive parking facilities for staff and visitors in close vicinity.
Download (PDF) - factsheet Studio 1

White Label Set

The adjustable White Label Set makes it possible to implement format ideas and events economically. In the development phase, you can forget all about set design and focus exclusively on content – because the set is already up.

Comprising a presenter/talk platform and ceiling, each with integrated RGB LED light box as well as an audience gallery and primed rear projection screen, the set design is adjustable. If you need customised illumination, the extensive nobeo lighting equipment is also available on request.

The cutting-edge fibre-optic networks make it possible to connect to all nobeos technical subsections for a tapeless workflow.

Green Box

A compact, 55 m² green box studio is integrated into nobeo’s post production. The room caters for several moderation options and productions with extremely short lead time, thanks to permanently installed technology. The nobeo Green Box is particularly interesting for news formats and spontaneous reactions to current events, even more so as live connections from the Green Box are possible by means of fibre optic transmission.

The Green Box is a stand-alone studio integrated into the production area at nobeo’s facilities. This allows flexible utilisation of ENG cameras. In addition, the connection to nobeo’s multimedia centre allows direct recordings as Avid projects.

Open Air Area

With an area of 11,150 sqm, the nobeo Open-Air Area is an attractive production site for shows and open air events as well as a location for individual sets (117-112-98-96 metres – actual dimensions ). This facility made TV history as the legendary location of Germany’s first “Big Brother” season in 2000.

In direct vincinity to the production area and Studio 8, the area is connected to nobeo’s utilities (water, power supply) and technological features. The direction of a production is realised in one of nobeo’s studios or a broadcasting truck, which is why nobeo is known for spectacular sets and outdoor shots. The buildings are connected in close proximity to each other which allows ease of use of the production and editing offices, make-up rooms, wardrobes and lounges for guests.

If required, the car park in front of the open air can be used for additional sets, events or concerts and provides space for up to 4,000 spectators.


With a total area of almost 50,000 square metres, nobeo is the site of the most popular formats on German TV, with the “made in Hürth” seal of quality. Producers and broadcasters put their trust in the organised conditions, the first-class technical equipment and the first-rate expertise of the nobeo team.

At the Hürth studio area, the company has three HD production sets, a separate web TV facility specifically built for the appropriate workflow and the extensive modern post production solutions. Studios, production sets, the Open Air Area and post production are connected to each other by means of permanent state-of-the-art fibre-optic networks so that an efficient tapeless workflow is always possible.

nobeo ensures studio-like production quality with its first-class mobile fleet and guarantees professional live broadcasting worldwide, with more than 50 superb OB trucks, SNGs or flight case production sets.


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