Video Suites

nobeo’s post production unit offers the appropriate set-up for prime time shows, dramas or film productions, with state-of-the-art network and server technology. The availability of up to 80 Avid editing suites are adaptable to your individual needs, guaranteeing ideal workflow management.

As a standard, all editing suites are connected to nobeo’s shared storage facility via fibre-optic cable. The variable storage space is tapeless and file-based. Recorded studio programmes are instantly available for post production – by several editing suites at the same time. Beside the traditional VTR techinque, you have several options regarding playout. The export into different file formats and the publication via nobeo’s digital distribution channels are available options.

With innovative technologies nobeo offers you an efficient, file-based workflow, providing office space for the editing of a project, in addition to creativity and helpful service as requested.

4K Workflow

nobeo also offers you a complete workflow for state-of-the-art multi-camera video production in UHD.

Details of the workflow:

After you give us your raw video material in 4K, we will upload it to nobeo’s shared storage facility for further editing. From this point on, you have the option of cutting the video on several AVID systems. At the same time, you can make full use of the interconnected multimedia editing solutions: Audio post production, high-quality graphics creation and colour grading using Baselight systems ensure that your video is given a finishing touch of unequalled quality.

The end product will fascinate with excellent picture quality starting with the recording, which is perfected during the production process. The final material to be aired will be delivered to the broadcaster for transmission in 4K/UHD or any other resolution.

Audio Suites

Six audio suites guarantee a perfect sound experience in conjunction with the post production services. Two of the suites are mobile to generate the desired sound directly on site. Avid Pro Tools systems ensure a smooth workflow between video editing and audio mixing.

5.1 surround mixing for DVD productions is also available. The nobeo Audio Suites as separate rooms are specialised in voiceover recordings and equipped with TV signal feed. The audio restoration supplements the spectrum, sparing you the time-consuming re-recordings of the required material.


Motion design elements as well as 2D and 3D animations round off your project, just like a thrilling trailer and a show opener to spark interest. The outlining of plans, the adaptation of graphics, logo design and the integration of design packages are among the creative services offered by nobeo’s post production, as are the processing, correction and image retouching of your material. The revision and delivery of videos and images adhere to your needs and ideas.

Multimedia Centre

The Multimedia Centre completes your production perfectly, making it suitable for broadcast. Using the latest technological, nobeo supplies copies in several broadcasting formats and a final inspection of the broadcast material for technical defects. The automated encoding work stations are ideally suited for the production and inspection of video clips, delivering high-quality results.

To accelerate the final production procedures, nobeo offers a high-speed data transfer. Uploads and downloads of file-based broadcasts occur within a minimum amount of time using synchronous 100 MBit cables. The in-house video portal allows access to your clips worldwide. Several options for digital storage are available while maintaining the highest security standards.


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