post production

nobeo’s post production unit offers the appropriate set-up for prime time shows, dramas or film productions, with state-of-the-art network and server technology. The availability of up to 80 Avid editing suites are adaptable to your individual needs, guaranteeing ideal workflow management.

Motion Design, Graphic Design,
Image Processing


Motion Design-Elemente und Animationen in 2D oder 3D perfektionieren Ihr Projekt, genau so wie ein packender Trailer und ein Show-Opener, der das Interesse Ihrer Zuschauer weckt. Die Skizzierung von Entwürfen, die Änderungen bestehender Grafiken, eine Logoentwicklung als auch die Reinzeichnung von Designpaketen zählen zu den gestalterischen Leistungen der nobeo Postproduktion, wie auch die Aufbereitung, Korrektur und Bildretusche von angeliefertem Material. Eine Überarbeitung und Bereitstellung von Videos und Bildern erfolgt nach Ihren Bedürfnissen und Vorstellungen.

copy, coding,
signal management

Multimedia Centre

The Multimedia Centre completes your production perfectly, making it suitable for broadcast. Using the latest technological, nobeo supplies copies in several broadcasting formats and a final inspection of the broadcast material for technical defects. The automated encoding work stations are ideally suited for the production and inspection of video clips, delivering high-quality results.

To accelerate the final production procedures, nobeo offers a high-speed data transfer. Uploads and downloads of file-based broadcasts occur within a minimum amount of time using synchronous 100 MBit cables. The in-house video portal allows access to your clips worldwide. Several options for digital storage are available while maintaining the highest security standards.

Learning by doing

Training room

The nobeo training room has a number of uses, from “classroom” for junior staff training to advanced instructional courses for employees. In addition, the room provides an optimal and practice-oriented learning environment due to its direct connection to the studios and post-production. The room is equipped with six computer workstations for students and one for the teacher. Seating, software, and hardware can also be individually adapted to each client.


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