Unique and orange: the nobeo @-car.

The nobeo @-car is the first choice when it comes to professional live streaming of shows, sports events, concerts or press conferences outside the nobeo WebTV setting. With its compact dimensions, the mobile production unit is suitable even when there is limited space, but it also offers remarkable and wide-ranging onboard possibilities. nobeo’s proprietary development meets all requirements of a sophisticated video production and successfully combines appropriate broadcast equipment and specific IT components.

The qualities of the @-car are impressive: it is independent, flexible in terms of location, immediately ready and absolutely reliable. Let yourself be inspired by this orange technological miracle that is unique in the industry. nobeo will be happy to support you in terms of the planning and implementation of your web TV and streaming visions.

Key-Facts “@-car Set Up”

The production set incorporates ample capacity for multi-camera productions using up to eight cameras. The audio desk and the control unit are drawn from the broadcast segment. The setup is completed by a multifunctional slomo-workstation which can also be used as CG for live graphics. The @-car is equipped with a fibre-optic cabled stagebox, significantly simplifying cabling at the production location.

The @-car encoding engine transforms the transmitter signal into the desired formats and size, the IP uplink on the roof directly broadcasts the streams with up to 10 Mbit/s to the client’s servers and therefore onto the digital platform. If no sufficient capacity is available, powerful CDNs ensure streaming quality.


  • Generation of a high-quality broadcast signal with up to 6 cameras
  • file-based transmission
  • integrated graphic system in the vision mixer
  • encoding into all standard formats and sizes
  • IP uplink at speeds of up to 10 Mbit/s
  • high-performance partner CDNs (including Level3 and Akamai) available
  • perfect solution for web TV, live streaming and social media streaming like sport events, press conferences, concerts, presentations, trade fairs, events, shows etc.
  • high-quality, convenient multi-camera productions in HD using up to eight cameras (+two recording channels)
  • award-winning audio equipment drawn from the broadcast sector
  • File-based recording of the final signal in the vehicle with pre-encoded streams in multimedia formats or a TV-quality source format
  • multi-signal recording for later post production
  • professional solution for classic on-location video production with an interesting option to reducing the post production work load
  • IP uplink at speeds of up to 10 Mbit/s bandwidth for classic TV signals
  • reliably and cost-efficiently
  • inexpensive GPS space segment using as an IP-SNG appeal to the broadcast sector
  • using the Eutelsat family of satellites, guaranteeing reliable and stable transmission all over Europe
  • encoding and uploading of existing signals (e.g. as created by an OB vehicle)
  • converting the signal into a variety of formats (e.g. for internet and mobile devices) and sizes – live and in real-time
  • recommendation regarding optimal stream encoding based on nobeo’s extensive experience
  • IP uplink at speeds of up to 10 Mbit/s without significant lead time
  • optional: high-performance partner CDNs (including Level3 and Akamai)
  • optimal live production set if you require a signal for video screens
  • inserting of graphics (sponsor/advertiser)
  • integrating of inserts
  • professional solutions for e.g. giant screens, LED walls or monitors at events like sports and music events (Fan TV), trade fairs, presentations or public viewing etc.
Download (PDF) – Factsheet @-car


TV production


TV produciton „Comedy Central Presents STANDUP 3000“

exclusive web content at „Germanys next Topmodel Finalshows“



livestream „Fred Carpet“ – Live from the red carpet of the German Film Award in Berlin
livestream of the eco Internet Award
livestream of the German Webvideoaward in Düsseldorf



release livestream of several gaming events („Prey“, „Tekken 7“, „The Evil Whithin 2″, „Wolfenstein 2“)



video production of „aufgezeichnet.tv – the comicTalk“ with Hella von Sinnen
livestreaming of LitCologne-Reading

Business tv


„HORNBACH Business TV“ Training/image films of own brands for HORNBACH-Baumarkt-AG in cooperation of PASSHÖHE
„Menschen, Macher, Meilensteine“ („People, Doers, Milestones“)– video production of an branch talks with the doers and heads of successful business concepts in Germany



livestream of press conferences at UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE
livestream 3rd German soccer league
Eishockey livestream in St. Moritz (Schweiz)



livestream of concerts f. e. „Gürzenich-Orchester Köln“ at Philharmonie Köln, „Daniil Trifinov spielt Chopin“ – at Dortmund, „Rheingau Festival – Baltic Sea Philharmonic“ at Wiesbaden
live webcast of Electro Festival „MTV Mobile Beats“
livestream of the Lady Gaga Fan-Events
recording of the concert of Jupiter Jones at AMPAYA ROOM SERVICE


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