OB trucks

nobeo’s mobile production units facilitate recordings and live broadcasts in Germany, its neighbouring countries and beyond Europe. nobeo offers live broadcasting worldwide, with the production quality on a par with recordings or live shows at the fully equipped studios. Configured for the specific demands, the mobile fleet ensures signal production at the highest level for entertainment shows, sports and events of all kinds.

The HD OB truck nobeo1 is a real gem with its carefully designed equipment, offering the best working experience within a spacious environment. The 16-camera OB truck was designed to meet the high demands of entertainment/ music productions and sports broadcasts throughout the world.

As part of the 2018 upgrade process, all monitors were upgraded and image processing was updated to production format 3G (1080p50). Alongside central elements such as the vision mixer (Sony XVS-7000), video router (GrassValley NVISION) and processing (Lynx), all camera systems were replaced with the new GrassValley LDX-86N.

The group has more than 50 HD OB trucks at its disposal to implement every outdoor production as efficiently as possible. nobeo uses all of the latest technologies regardless of the location, so that there are no limits to complex outdoor productions.

Web TV Mobile

Unique and orange: the nobeo @-car.
The nobeo @-car is the first choice when it comes to professional live streaming of shows, sports events, concerts or press conferences outside the nobeo WebTV setting. With its compact dimensions, the mobile production unit is suitable even when there is limited space, but it also offers remarkable and wide-ranging onboard possibilities. nobeo’s proprietary development meets all requirements of a sophisticated video production: up to eight cameras compile a high-quality transmittable signal, file-based transmission of TV broadcasts are possible and vision mixers have access to an integrated graphics system.

The @-car encoding engine transforms the transmitter signal into the desired formats and size, the IP uplink on the roof directly broadcasts the streams with up to 10 Mbit/s to the client’s servers and therefore onto the digital platform. If no sufficient capacity is available, powerful CDNs ensure streaming quality. No matter where or under what circumstances, the @-car is the perfect solution for web TV, live streaming and social media streaming.

The qualities of the @-car are impressive: it is independent, flexible in terms of location, immediately ready and absolutely reliable. Let yourself be inspired by this orange technological miracle that is unique in the industry. nobeo will be happy to support you in terms of the planning and implementation of your web TV and streaming visions.

Click here for more information about @-car.

Flight Case

The technical equipment lets you accomplish your visions, even if the production takes place outside the convenience of the studio or if the location does not allow the use of an OB truck. nobeo develops and implements professional solutions with individually assembled flight case production sets for moving image production at the highest level. There are no limits to the technical equipment.

Equalling the high standards from our studio production sets and nobeo1, the different crews work hand in hand with each other perfectly meaning that the communication possibilities are unlimited. The requested technology is individually integrated into our flight case production sets and prepared so that on-site productions are equipped in a simple and reliable modular way.

The flight case production sets ensure an ideal production of sound and images at conventions and during events.


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