Web Solutions

Leading online broadcasters and multi-channel networks such as YouTube, Google Germany, and Studio71 rely on nobeo to put their stars in the spotlight during their weekly live shows, often running to several hours.

If you want to reach Generation Z, millennials, or the young elderly and see media change and media convergence as an opportunity to use content in different formats on different channels, nobeo is the perfect innovative and technologically leading partner for you. A partner who opens up new creative horizons for established media in change processes, and supports companies in their further development and corporate communication at the highest level.

nobeo online services at a glance:

  • studio area indoor and outdoor

  • OB trucks in several sizes

  • control rooms

  • post production

  • rental

  • scene, costume, make-up

  • catering

  • streaming

  • live broadcasting

  • Social Media Content

  • e-commerce

  • e-learning

  • podcast

  • audiobook

  • radio drama

  • chat

nobeo is considered a pioneer in the production and provision of content for digital, web-based platforms: producers, content creators, influencers, and branding and marketing experts from companies and agencies use nobeo as a full-service provider for “worry-free” implementation of web TV content, including:

  • Web-only talk formats such as “Studio D” from dwdl.de
  • Film productions exclusively for streaming services
  • Series
  • Live events
  • Shows
  • Podcasts

To this end, we utilise state-of-the-art technical facilities and live TV-proven workflows for streaming projects, live broadcasts and recordings:

5300m2 studio space on the nobeo Campus in the immediate vicinity of media metropolis Cologne, green boxes and green screens, control rooms, equipment rental, transmission lines. Ideal for entertainment, film, e-learning, and “TV shopping” via social media. Sound studios and recording booths for podcasts, ASMR, audio books, radio plays, voiceovers, and dubbing.

Combine up to 8 camera signals into a multicast live stream with the highly versatile WebTV nobeo @-Car in Hürth or anywhere else in Europe – so viewers, fans, and followers can be present live via web and app any place, any time, and can ask questions via chat.

An additional 50 vehicles are available in the group for outdoor and in-house projects.