“Good night! The show before bedtime”

Britta.Schubert@-car EN

Image: NDR

Going to sleep to the sounds of TV: marvellous. If a show host shares the bed with his guests it’s bound to be even more comfy. Wigald Boning shows how it is done on NDR’s format “Good night! The show before bedtime,” demonstrating how a relaxed yet informative and entertaining show can work. Individual sleeping habits of the famous guests, dreams or unnerving snoring were discussed alongside the effects of lullabies. Our @-car on the other hand was absolutely alert for the recordings at Hamburger Nachtasyl, the bar at Thalia Theatre. The nobeo team and the mobile production unit
gladly pulled an all-nighter for OKD! Gute Unterhaltung. NDR broadcast the first episode of the show on 9 December 2016.