“Genial daneben” & “Paul Panzer’s Comedy Game Night”

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Image: SAT.1/Willi Weber

It’s back! nobeo implements revival of comedy show “Genial Daneben”

If you ever wanted to know what a “Blödauge” or a “Drahthose” is, “Genial Daneben” is the perfect place to start. After a five-year-long hiatus Sat.1 is bringing the crazy guessing show back to the screen along with a first-class panel of candidates. Germany’s top comedians, such as Luke Mockridge, Gaby Köster, Ralf Schmitz, Chris Tall, Kaya Yanar, or Max Giermann support the fixed ensemble of Hugo Egon Balder, Hella von Sinnen, and Wigald Boning as they look for the answers to baffling questions. On behalf of MP Medienparks NRW GmbH, our HD OB truck nobeo1 toured the neighbourhood and implemented the production thanks to our 25-person team and five cameras. Sat.1 began broadcasting the six new episodes of “Genial Daneben” on 10 March 2017.

Games, fun, and nobeo: premiere of “Paul Panzer’s Comedy Game Night”

Bring out your playful side and improvisational talent – it’s time for “Paul Panzer’s Comedy Game Night!” The new show highlight on Sat.1 pits celebrity teams against each other in multiple game rounds. Creative drawing abilities or skilled pantomime are some of the cunning tactics the VIPs employ to win. MP Medienparks NRW GmbH trusted our nobeo1 and its team to take care of the more rational side of things and bring our essential technical knowledge to the production. 25 colleagues took care of the setup on site and recorded the exuberant gaming action with six cameras. The premiere was aired by Sat.1 on 10 March 2017, followed by the second episode one week later.