Euro Media Group announces a new managerial structure with two co-CEOs

Britta.SchubertEuro Media Group

Bild: EMG

Paris, 1 February 2018

François-Charles Bideaux joins the Euro Media Group as co-CEO as from 1 February 2018. François-Charles Bideaux previously held the role of Head of Sports Production at Canal+ in France and brings a tremendous level of experience with him, which will be important for the strategy execution of the Euro Media Group. Previously François-Charles Bideaux worked for HBS and TF1 and has over 30 years of experience in the media and broadcast industry.

Patrick van den Berg, who held the role of interim CEO during 2017 next to his role as CFO, will become co-CEO and share leadership of the Euro Media Group with François-Charles Bideaux, with both managers leading the strategy and the management of the group.

François-Charles Bideaux explains: ‘’I am very happy and honored to take the joint management of the Euro Media Group together with Patrick van den Berg and share my experience to further develop and integrate the group. One of my focus areas will be to lead the group towards the mutation of our business, such as UHD, IP production, remote production, light or simplified production and different new digital services. Key will also be to accompany our teams towards these technological evolutions and the new needs in our market in general.’’

Patrick van den Berg added: ‘’I am very pleased with the arrival of François-Charles and the new managerial Structure of the Euro Media Group. The strong complementarity in background and experience between François-Charles and myself will be of great value in realizing the ambitious plans we have within the Group. After a successful 2017 we have great ambitions for 2018 and beyond.’’

About Euro Media Group:
Euro Media Group is a leading provider of broadcast facilities and services on the European market. The Group combines unique know-how and world-renowned expertise to provide the entire value chain from image creation to distribution.
New-media driven, Euro Media Group is a valued partner for major international events, including sport (Tour de France, Football World Cup, Ryder Cup and Formula 1…) live shows (Eurovision, Royal Weddings, concerts…) and entertainment shows. Euro Media Group owns one of the largest range of studios as well as the greatest fleet of mobile facilities in Europe.