The @-car successfully combines appropriate broadcast equipment and specific IT components. The production set incorporates ample capacity for multi-camera productions using up to eight cameras. The audio desk and the control unit are drawn from the broadcast segment. The setup is completed by a multifunctional slomo-workstation which can also be used as CG for live graphics. As a technical services provider in the TV industry, we are specialists in professional-quality audio-visual production.

Drawing on extensive experience with our 16-camera HD OB truck nobeo1, the @-car is equipped with a fibre-optic cabled stagebox, significantly simplifying cabling at the production location.

For some time now, nobeo has deployed the combination of equipment installed in the @-car in our dedicated web TV production set for web TV studio shows. This means we are using proven technology from the start, operated by experienced personnel with a high level of expertise.

The @-car is also fully equipped to perform encoding of the signal into diverse streams, file-based recording and transmission of the signal to the internet via IP uplink.

Two work stations are available in the @-car for the creation of the final visual signal, augmented by one multifunctional work station for encoding, uplink etc. and a variable workstation for slomo or supervising.

And these are the hallmarks of the @-car: It is compact, flexible, autonomous and orange!


The overall concept behind the @-car is geared towards professional live transmission of events over the internet. In the flexible production unit, we can create a high-quality broadcast signal using up to six cameras. File-based transmission is available for reports and slots, and the vision mixer features an integrated graphics system for straps etc.

The vehicle’s encoding engine is capable of converting the signal into all standard formats and sizes, and via the roof-mounted IP uplink, streams can be directly transmitted to the customer’s streaming server at speeds of up to 10 Mbit/s.

If the customer has no streaming capacity, or if capacity is insufficient, finished content can also be distributed via our high-performance partner CDNs (including Level3 and Akamai). We are happy to support customers in planning their activities, as we can profitably bring our wide range of experience to bear.

The @-car is therefore the perfect solution for web TV, live streaming and social media streaming, regardless of the location or on-site conditions.

The @-car is autonomous, flexible, ready to go at any time and orange.

We broadcast sports events, press conferences, concerts, product presentations, trade fairs, events, shows etc. to all digital playback platforms on your behalf. And thanks to our competitive terms and conditions, the service isn’t just reserved for major events …




Recording of the Jupiter Jones concert in the context of the AMPAYA ROOM SERVICE and Veltins V+ competition in Wuppertal.

  • Video production
  • Production of video/audio signal with 5 HD cameras
  • Live on tape recording

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