A conscious, sustainable approach to nature is important to nobeo. We have made ecologically valuable changes to our infrastructure in order to make an active contribution to environmental protection. We are responsibly working towards a green future through many small gestures and by taking drastic measures.



We support our resident producers with workflows that are as waste-free as possible, and we promote recyclable value chains in front of and behind the scenes.



To reduce CO2 emissions: the nobeo job bicycles, transitioning the company car fleet to e-mobility, and establishing a charging infrastructure for e-vehicles all mean that nature can breathe a sigh of relief.

Clean Power


We get 75% of our electricity from hydropower and 25% of it from wind power. We can therefore put into practice, starting now, the claim to produce in a ‘green’ way and to have environmentally-conscious office management.



A modern rainwater utilisation system is used to supply the sanitary areas on nobeo’s premises. This is how we make sure that the valuable resource of water is saved with every flush.