Germany’s media landscape is renowned for its variety and spirit of innovation. Synergies are often needed in order to make the best of these companies’ creativity and potential. Synergies are achieved by means of a trusting and transparent community – for nobeo, this serves as a significant argument in favour of its active involvement in various associations and initiatives.

Connected to a strong network, we make use of the available platforms, encourage information sharing on current topics which have an impact on the sector, and represent shared interests before political and economic committees.

Optimum conditions for employees, for the international competitiveness of German media companies and for the sustainable creation of the future of our sector at the local, national and European level are very important to us, which is why nobeo is involved in the following associations:


Inclusion in the workplace: nobeo is committed to company-integrated workplaces
Providing support and motivation to people with disabilities through regular jobs – so-called “company-integrated” jobs make it possible, and nobeo is proud to support the regional initiative of WIR gGmbH, which provides two workshops for people with mental disabilities in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis.

For more than a year now our building services team has been complemented by Andreas, who found his way to nobeo through WIR gGmbH. After only a short training period his commitment has proven to be indispensable, especially during peak times when we have to deal with high production density and spontaneous action is required.

In providing this workplace, nobeo is strengthening their established, intensive cooperation with the workshop for the disabled. Rene Steinbusch, Head of Human Resources, explains the reasons for this commitment: “nobeo has been commissioning WIR gGmbH to maintain our green areas for many years. We are impressed with their employees’ attitudes to work and their passion, and it feels good to know that we can offer meaningful employment to people with disabilities. The permanent integration of a WIR employee into our building services was the next step in our partnership, and was also valuable to us. Andreas’ joy and willingness to work is contagious for our entire team and his professional support is always a great help.”

For nobeo managing director Stefan Hoff inclusion at the workplace is a self-evident social duty and he considers it absolutely worthwhile for other companies toa: “nobeo is a company free of prejudice. This is an experience made by clients, visitors, and above all our employees during daily cooperation – we work and live together, carefree and without anxiety!”