“Good night! The show before bedtime”

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Image: NDR

Going to sleep to the sounds of TV: marvellous. If a show host shares the bed with his guests it’s bound to be even more comfy. Wigald Boning shows how it is done on NDR’s format “Good night! The show before bedtime,” demonstrating how a relaxed yet informative and entertaining show can work. Individual sleeping habits of the famous guests, dreams or unnerving snoring were discussed alongside the effects of lullabies. Our @-car on the other hand was absolutely alert for the recordings at Hamburger Nachtasyl, the bar at Thalia Theatre. The nobeo team and the mobile production unit
gladly pulled an all-nighter for OKD! Gute Unterhaltung. NDR broadcast the first episode of the show on 9 December 2016.

German Developers’ Award: the @-car conquering the world of video games


Image: Deutscher Entwicklerpreis

The image quality of certain video games is astonishingly close to a TV production. Incredibly realistic animation fascinates fans of the genre. nobeo’s @-car dived into the thrilling world of games for the German Developers’ Award. The accolade for outstanding performances in the development of video games in the German-speaking area was presented as part of a festive dinner at Cologne’s Palladium on 7 December 2016. Game developers and designers accepted awards in 21 categories, including “best story,” “best marketing campaign” and “best German game.” Aruba Events GmbH counted on
our @-car to provide smooth live streaming services on the official PC Games YouTube-website.

A VIP guest at nobeo: A warm welcome to state minister Franz-Josef Lersch-Mense

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Image: nobeo

“Every third minute on TV originates in Cologne,” said BILD newspaper. This headline in August 2016 underlined the significance of the city as a media metropolis. nobeo explored this exciting fact and other media subjects at our studios in Hürth. Franz-Josef Lersch-Mense, Minister of Federal Affairs, Europe and Media as well as Head of the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia, accepted our invitation to have a close look at the sets of beloved TV shows. nobeo thanks the minister for a full and open discussion of the multifaceted opportunities for our sector in North Rhine-Westphalia.

“4 give it everything!” nobeo1 goes DACH


Image: ZDF/Sascha Baumann

It is a challenge to be a family. The co-production “4 give it everything” by ZDF, ORF and SRF shows just how strong you can be together. Three families prove themselves in several rounds of games and typical situations in day-to-day life. Steven Gätjen hosted the show’s premiere, produced by i&u TV Produktion GmbH & Co. KG and aired on 19 November 2016 at prime time. Our 50-strong team and our OB van nobeo1 took charge of the extensive production in MMC Studio 53. In close collaboration with MMC, nobeo coordinated factors like studio, lighting and media technology. For the perfect production of the Saturday evening show, to be shown by state broadcasters in the German-speaking DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region, nobeo used ten cameras, two camera crane systems and one steady cam. Technical Highlight was a 3 x 3 meter large video cube. Perfectly placed in the set, the cube could be recorded with content on five surfaces. In this size an absolute novelty and thus the second premiere of the evening.

Here we go again: Stefan Hoff named VTFF chairman for two more years

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Image: VTFF

nobeo is delighted to announce that Stefan Hoff was unanimously re-elected chairman of the VTFF (Association of Technical Operators in Film and TV), and is looking forward to his active participation in the association for two more years. Aspects such as work safety, insurance and liability will once again be the centre of attention, as will strengthening the infrastructure of the film industry with appropriate measures in film funding. Stefan Hoff will chair a board also comprising Markus Osthaus (TVN Mobile Production GmbH), Josef Reidinger (ARRI Media GmbH), Achim Rohnke (Bavaria Film
GmbH), Marius Schwarz (Studio Babelsberg AG), Christian Sommer (Trixter München GmbH) and for the first time Bojana Nikolaidis (Camelot Broadcast Services GmbH).

Cologne Philharmonic Hall: the @-car takes a classical route

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Image: Kölner Philharmonie

The sounds of Brahms and Mozart echoed through our @-car for Bernhard Fleischer Moving Image. The Gürzenich Orchestra led by conductor Leonidas Kavakos played pieces by these renowned composers in Cologne’s Philharmonic Hall on 8 November. Hans Hadulla produced the recording of the concerto, conducting the audio mixing and our six cameras for an absolutely harmonic
production. This highlight is available for all music lovers on the orchestra’s website.

Macromedia Academy: Together for the future

Britta.SchubertAbout nobeo

Image: Macromedia

Not only does nobeo support its own youth section, it also assumes responsibility for young talent in the whole industry. Stefan Hoff will serve as patron of a newly-founded course “Media designer for images and sound” at Cologne’s Macromedia Academy. nobeo’s managing director will act as a contact person, advising on challenges during the training course and the subsequent search for a job. Future TV producers will immerse themselves in the daily life of their dream job and profit from Hoff’s extensive professional experience and nobeo’s broad portfolio.

Pounding hearts: love and money wait at nobeo

Britta.SchubertPostproduction, Studio

Image: ProSieben/Willi Weber

Digitalisation notwithstanding, candidates also get to flirt in the traditional, analogue way in nobeo
Studio 1. Another classic returns to the screens: “The Dating Game.” The concept of the show hosted
by Thomas Ohrner is already well-established: Lonely hearts meet, separated by a wall. Only the
candidate’s voice reveals whether love has a chance. Before the candidates make their choice Susi,
the iconic voice from off, summarises all the answers. Sony Pictures has taken charge of the
production on behalf of SAT.1 Gold. “The Dating Game” has been broadcast since 19 October 2016
on Wednesdays at 20.15 CET.

Are feelings scientifically predictable? Three single males are looking for the answer on their quest
for the woman of their dreams in the new ProSieben show “Match Factor.” Not only do 14 women
compete for one man; it is also a battle between science and intuition. Our team recorded the gettogether of flirting candidates with ten cameras at nobeo studio 8, and our Postproduction unit took charge of cutting on behalf of UFA Show & Factual. ProSieben broadcast the three Match Factor episodes from 15 September 2016 at prime time.

Risky Quiz” pays the candidates, not with love, but with a well-filled bank account. A challenging
task for nobeo: this show by UFA Show & Factual deceived the protagonists as this allegedly small
online show turned into a big TV event. We were responsible for building an attractive set in Studios
4 and 8
and equipping the lobby and the waiting area with hidden cameras for an unexpected
surprise. ProSieben aired the premiere of the quiz comedy format “Risky Quiz” on 5 September 2016
at 21.15 CET.

Appetite for more: nobeo serves up culinary moments

Britta.SchubertPostproduction, Studio

Image: nobeo

Games, flirting and… food. In the last few weeks nobeo produced some delicious treats for body and
soul. Megaherz GmbH set up shop in our production house for the postproduction of seasons 9 and
10 of the WDR format “Land & Lecker.” (Country & Delicious). The menu consisted of cutting and
scoring for the shows from 5 September, with a particular focus on incredible image processing.
nobeo invited viewers to “feast their eyes,” and so the stories surrounding the delicacies of rural
cuisine had a unique look through ideal colour grading in our own base light.

On behalf of broadcaster ZDF, Warner Bros. sent complete rookies into the kitchen for the first
season of “The chef in your ear” in mid-October. With no experience of how to create a demanding
dish, nobeo Studio 3 turned into a culinary lab. Small buttons in their ears were more important than
pots, pans, or ingredients to the inexperienced candidates as Horst Lichter and other German top
chefs instructed them on what to do.

RedSeven Entertainment also chose nobeo’s technological services as ingredients for the premiere of
Caravan of chefs” as well as season 4 of “The Taste.” Tips by renowned celebrity chefs like Tim
Mälzer and Roland Trettl, or the one big chance for young talents: from beginning to end the SAT.1
shows were indulgently delicious. Each minute set up perfectly and on the highest optical level from
introduction to fade-out: this is what nobeo guaranteed for the postproduction of the shows that
made cooking fans flock to their screens in September and October at prime time.